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Stick with it: 8 wildly trendy wallpapers for 2020

Stick with it: 8 wildly trendy wallpapers for 2020

By Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

It wasn’t long ago when wallpapers were considered rather kitsch. But the pages have turned and a revival has been brewing for the past decade or so. Safe to say that this home decor element has shed its ‘trad’ tag to evolve into a fun, creative and much-loved trend. Don’t believe us? Pop over to Pinterest for a moment and you’ll know (psst follow us for inspo while you’re there). So if you’re buying a new condo, add these wallpaper designs to that moodboard.

Wallpaper trend #1: Tropics are in


Rather, they never really left. Home decor trends have been harping on all things leafy for years (decades?) and we’re rooting for them too. From teaching ourselves to keep our house plants alive and going all out ‘it’s a jungle in here!’ with tropical wallpaper, this bountiful botanical trend rules in our opinion. Think bigger leaves, bolder greens and a handful of fauna to match your biophilic nature.

Wallpaper trend #2: Artful and Asian


#Represent. One quick look at the collections by the biggest wallpaper brands in the world and you’ll instantly notice several Asian-inspired and chinoiserie wallpaper collections. Bring home rolls of gorgeous wallpapers with motifs that pay homage to Asia and Southeast Asia.

Wallpaper trend #3: For the love of romance and drama

Photo: Woodchip & Magnolia

Who doesn’t love drama? Old world glamour with hints of rebellion, there’s something dangerously alluring about moody botanical prints. Rich and lush yet broody and unafraid, this wallpaper trend combines nostalgia in rock n roll colour schemes.

Wallpaper trend #4: The magic of murals

Image of wallpaper that looks like a scenery
Photo: Designers Guild

An art piece of sorts that you can blow up across a massive feature wall. Yes, please! Narrow in on a mural-like wallpaper that demands to make a statement. We hear 2020 will be making a case for painterly scenes, landscapes to leisurely stare at and visually textured sceneries. Brb while we pick out a larger than life art mural…

Wallpaper trend #5: Chintz is chic (again)

Photo: Graham & Brown

No surprises there. Chintz has been around longer than your great grandmother’s curtains and by the looks of it, it’s staying put. As an update, consider a more vibrant and modern treatment over a more classic Victorian or Edwardian era chintz.

Wallpaper trend #6: Graphically speaking


As a species, most of us work towards achieving structure and security in our lives. And these wallpaper choices are simply what the interior design trendsetters ordered. Be it minimal symmetry or colour crazy shapes, geometry is genius.

Wallpaper trend #7: Maximum whimsy


Go big or (don’t) go home. Wallpapers are one of the easiest ways to overhaul a room and punch in some personality. If you fancy yourself to be fearless, feisty and full of surprises, why not go all out maximalist. A little whimsy never hurt anyone…

Wallpaper trend #8: Brown is the new black


The queen of trends has spoken. Lidewij Edelkoort aka the world’s most sought-after trendsetter has declared the beginning of the Brown Age. The blacks and greys of the world are painted over to make way for warmer, earthy tones – something that she says we’ll see more of for the next 30 years! If the Dutch trend forecaster is to be believed, we ought to stock up on the wallpaper in warmer tones.

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