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Remodelling? Here’s why you need a swish dry kitchen

Remodelling? Here’s why you need a swish dry kitchen

By Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

Remember when the kitchen was relegated to the back of the house? That closed-off room where meals were cooked, dishes were washed, sustenance was stocked and clumsy kids were often not allowed (what! just us then?).  

Lucky for us, things are different now. Food is an obsession. Cooking is collaborative – and even exhibitionistic.

Enter the dry kitchen.

Before we go in all the reasons why we’re low-key obsessed with the dry kitchen phenomenon, let’s start by understanding the ingredients we have at hand.

What’s the difference between a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen? 

The wet kitchen is a fully-enclosed cooking area where you’d find your stoves, chimneys, food processors, stockpots and all that. It’s where things get messy and aromas roam freely – where meats are carved, stews are slow-cooked, fries are fried and your grandma’s recipes come alive. 

The dry kitchen is where none of the above happens. Detached from the wet kitchen in some form or another, the dry kitchen is in the air-conditioned part of the house. It’s meant for light prep work, toasting rye, grinding single-origin coffee beans, baking coconut macaroons and perhaps reheating something that was made in the wet kitchen.

And, yes, entertaining on a grand scale, per the dry kitchen adjacent to the formal dining room in the Wallich Residence penthouse, above.

Often dry kitchens might not have a sink or an induction top but the rules are not set in stone. Some are simpler, while some are decked out. Even if the dry kitchen has an induction cooktop and rangehood (like the one above), it’s meant for light toss-ups. Nothing elaborate or MasterChefy.

So here’s why we’re expecting this design trend to turn into a norm. 

Give it up for space efficiency

Do we really need an enormous kitchen? Or would we rather choose to carve out a more communal area for the family to brekkie together, catch up over smoothies or just generally chat about the day?

We’d pick the second. It makes perfect sense to bring out often under-utilised kitchen counter space and make the most of it in the living areas. Like they did in this majestic dining room with a gorgeous dry kitchen at a 6,232 sqft, 4 bedroom apartment at The Marq (just listed, more jaw-dropping pictures and a video in the listing).

Flexible… like your diet 

There’s a lot that can be done in the dry kitchen. Think of it as a multi-functional space that could turn from a bar counter to a little desk for the kids to do their homework with zero fuss. It truly does introduce more usable space in your modern open-plan home. Take a good look at this white monolithic island and dry kitchen in a luxe 3br apartment at The Hyde.

Let’s drink to that 

Amber Park condo 5 bedroom unit dry kitchen

Speaking of the bar, a dry kitchen is mighty useful when you’re hosting. Apart from looking so darn swanky, it can double up as a bar/snack counter, additional nooks for break-out conversations or just a hydration station. How incredible is this dry kitchen we spotted in the 5 bedroom double-height apartment at Amber Park?

Besides, with the refrigerator and microwave in this zone, there’s no real need for you or your guests to go into the wet kitchen. No more missing out on chunks of conversations and walking back into the room going “What’d I miss?”

It’s a small wonder

Ah, so you think dry kitchens are a luxury for mansions and landed homes? Not necessarily. You don’t really need a palace to pop in a dry kitchen. You could perhaps smartly extended the wet kitchen counter into a dry kitchen bar, dividing it with glass. Better yet, it could be custom sized to fit into the space you have at hand. However modest, it can be a breakfast nook, bar counter, salad assembly station or an alternative study desk. Go wild.

Oh, and it’s not to be confused with the wet bar that we saw at MeyerHouse – get a closer look in the listing and the video tour.

More gratuitous dry kitchen inspo

The dry kitchen slash bar, as seen at the Pullman Residences 4br apartment, left, and Kopar at Newton’s flagship 5 bedroom residence, right.

The ultimate breakfast bars, as seen at this stunning renovated 4br apartment (for sale) at The Claymore, left, and Meyer Mansion’s 4 bedroom apartment with indoor-outdoor bar slash dry kitchen, right.

Dry kitchen luxe: designer Poggenpohl kitchens at this Bishopsgate Residences penthouse for sale, left, and at Boulevard 88’s 4 bedroom apartment – complete with the sleek (and extendable) benchtop, right.

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