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A voyeuristic homage to Singapore’s neoclassical architecture

A voyeuristic homage to Singapore’s neoclassical architecture

By Hamish McDougall

Ah yes, the columns, the pediments, the carved balustrades and wrought-iron balconies – not to mention the fountains, the statuary and the friezes. Oh, and the odd lick of gilt.

There is a wonderful array of neoclassical architecture in Singapore, sometimes looming from hilltops and sometimes squeezed into subdivided blocks. Whether it’s motivated by a fervour for ancient architectural design, or simply the desire to show off a little, the neoclassical style has definitely taken root.

We’ve identified four distinct styles of neoclassical home design in Singapore that seem to pop up again and again – stay tuned for more columns…

Borderline rococo architecture

Unashamedly over the top and generally maxing out the columns per square foot, this more elaborate architectural style is all about the ornamentation. Look out for delicate friezes, embellished composite capitals, a spot of statuary and, yes, a splash of gilt never goes astray.

Georgian revival architecture

The Georgian take on classical architecture walks back all that ornamentation – although it’s not exactly restrained when it comes to cascading pediments, colonnaded balconies or a double-storey portico.

Modern architecture with a nod to the neoclassical

We’ll take your two-storey columns and raise you an art deco rounded glass-block window or pistachio guttering.

Classical neoclassical architecture

When only a Loire-style chateau will do – complete with moss-covered balustrade, statuary, gilt embellishments, and doubtless a contender for Singapore’s most impressive statement gate.

And finally, to sign off with: a spot of statuary, because – what else?

Spotted a neoclassical stunner? Get in touch and we’ll update the feature, or drop a comment below.

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By Hamish McDougall

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