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Eight bewitching buildings with all the right curves

Eight bewitching buildings with all the right curves

By Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

We like big curves and we cannot lie. Not everything in Singapore is rectilinear. The island has its share of sinuous architecture that makes us go oooh. After our little love affair with retro homes and neoclassical structures, let’s go ga-ga over structures that are fluid and curve-proud.

Amber Skye condo

Amber Skye off Tanjong Katong

We unconsciously tend to associate curves with movement. Perhaps that’s why we’re always gawking at Amber Syke condo, off Tanjong Katong Road, whose facade mimics the ocean across the street.

Conceptualised by A. M. Architect and Mecurio Design Lab, this towering condo is unique inside and out. While every unit is orthogonal, the corners are all rounded and the balconies ebb and flow like waves.

Sea glass hued bungalow

There’s something you don’t see every day: We spotted this retro-futuristic beauty on Jalan Unggas (off Dunearn Road). Interestingly, the top floors of this landed home are rectangular, but they’re enveloped on two sides by a curved jacket in sea-glass blue.

The Balmoral condo

The Balmoral condo, where art deco meets brutalism

Fun fact: Apparently, we’re hard-wired to love curves. Researchers believe that we’re more likely to find rounded shapes more “beautiful” vs straight lines. And it’s not a conscious or rational choice but a visceral one.

So if you find yourself smiling at The Balmoral condo‘s signature cylinders that are actually the bathrooms inside – blame your brain.

South Beach Towers

The spectacular South Beach complex

Bulbous and beautiful, aren’t they? Designed by Foster + Partners, South Beach Towers stand proud in Singapore’s Civic District. Oh, and the curves are aplenty.

The towers gracefully swell, outlined by the light feature – adding a delightful fluidity to the skyline. Downstairs, the canopy covering the pedestrian walk is undulating and irresistible with its ebbs and flows.

Read our South Beach Residences insider condo review for an in-depth analysis of this development. Plus, the last few apartments at South Beach Residences are listed on Boulevard:

A hotel-grade 3 bedroom apartment in Singapore’s iconic Civic District
A suite-like 2 bedroom apartment

d’Leedon condo

It’s a legit design crime to talk architectural curves without paying homage to the Queen. Zaha Hadid’s iconic and futuristic designs often seduce with sinuous lines. Her designs in Singapore are no different (see: Zaha Hadid in Singapore). Take the hypnotic d’Leedon condo:

The wowfactor D'Leedon condo in Holland Village, Singapore

And see inside this d’Leedon 3br apartment for sale

Bin Tong Park bungalow

There’s no place like dome! This Bin Tong Park bungalow makes an appearance in yet another photo essay (See: retro architecture).

Because – look at it. This retro-futuristic architectural home makes a strong, well-rounded argument for swollen shapes. From the nomadic yurt and Arctic igloo to Greek and Roman temples and modern-day abodes, round is forever trending.

Tiong Bahru’s Pre-War Buildings

Pre war buildings in Tiong Bahru

Hello, Pre-WWII architecture! Art deco meets Straits shophouse-style designs in these Tiong Bahru conservation homes. The distinctive curved features and rounded balconies of the low-rise buildings make the neighbourhood feel more homely and welcoming.

Did you know that the buildings were inspired by modes of transport? Classified under the Streamline Moderne style, Tiong Bahru’s architecture takes after the aerodynamic forms of trains, automobiles, aeroplanes and even ocean liners.

Bonus: ParkRoyal on Picking

It’s not a residential build but we can’t in rave about organic forms without drooling over WOHA’s masterpiece: the Parkroyal on Picking.

Parkroyal on Pickering Garden Hotel by WOHA Architects

While the E-shaped plan is rectilinear, it’s dramatised by curvy and lush terraced gardens. Reminiscent of the topography of rice terraces, the unique structure blends the best of both worlds.

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