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Trudon Event

Timeless elegance: Trudon commemorates 380 years with the enchanting Tuileries collection

Heritage brands don’t come much more storied than the legendary French candlemaker-cum-perfumer, Trudon. The ancient house is currently celebrating its 380th year, and over the centuries has graced many of the great palaces and cathedrals of Europe. (We’re told that Versailles’ quintessential Hall of Mirrors consumed no fewer than 50,000 Trudon candles – each week.)

Coinciding with this epochal milestone is the release of Trudon’s ‘Tuileries’ collection, named for the eponymous palace where Louis XVI and his family were confined for two years of his life. The revolutionaries granted Trudon a special permit to continue supplying candles to the family over this time.

The richly intoxicating rose scent is a homage to the favourite flower of Marie Antoinette, while the shape of the glass is modeled by Italian craftsmen on a Champagne bucket. The collection allows us a heady, redolent taste of the unabashed self-indulgence of France’s most famous royals, while hopefully avoiding their fate.

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