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This spectacular green wall is perfect for people who kill plants

This spectacular green wall is perfect for people who kill plants

By Hamish McDougall

When you need to up the ante on a dear friend’s irritatingly fabulous teal feature wall, the ultimate play is a green wall. But for those of us with an unfortunate habit of assassinating houseplants (more on how not to kill potplants here, btw), the solution is a spectacular preserved moss wall. Which is what, exactly?

Boulevard met up with Andy Eng, project director at Mosscape, to find out.

Boulevard: So what are preserved moss walls then?

Andy: The most common question clients ask me is, are preserved moss walls alive or dead? The answer is somewhere in between: preserved mosses and foliage are all 100% natural plants. The only difference is that they’ve gone through a preservation process.

Boulevard: And what does that involve?

Andy: We drain out the water from the plants, and add preservatives to prolong the life span.

Boulevard: Why preserved moss over a regular live green wall?

Andy: For a live green wall you need sunlight, and if you don’t have sunlight, you have to install a grow light or spotlight. You need an irrigation system to do daily watering. And you need a discharge outlet to drain the excess water.

Whereas preserved plants don’t need sunlight, they don’t need water, and they don’t need a discharge outlet. They also don’t need much maintenance – you just need to dust it once in a while!

Spectacular green wall art at Mosscape's Scott Square mall popup

Boulevard: Brilliant! And how long will it last?

Andy: So the lifespan of preserved moss – we can offer a warranty for three years, but only because the first sample in our office has been going for three years so far. In a month’s time, we can offer three years and one month warranty!

In Europe, preserved moss has lasted over five years.

Boulevard: What kind of space is right for preserved moss?

Andy: You’ll need to avoid direct sunlight, avoid direct water contact, and the most important thing to avoid is high humidity. Anything less than 80% humidity shouldn’t be a problem. So it’s actually the opposite of a live plant.

Boulevard: What can you do with it? How does it come?

Andy: The preserved moss can range from a small, framed piece through to a full wall customised to your home. As long as you’ve got the space, we can create something for it.

Boulevard: And what’s it like, the moss?

Andy: All the mosses feel natural, they’re soft, exactly as mosses should feel.

Boulevard: What’s the benefit – why are people bringing green walls into their homes?

Andy: Green is a very relaxing colour, it relaxes the eyes and de-stresses. In Singapore, our pace is very fast; we want to de-stress, we want to relax, yet we have no time for maintaining plants or live green walls.

With preserved moss, everybody can have green fingers.

Mosscape is a subsidiary of the renowned local horticulture company Nyee Phoe Group – which has been in operation for 108 years, and is responsible for some of Singapore’s most striking green wall projects.

The Mosscape popup store at Scotts Square mall

Head down to the Mosscape popup in Scotts Square mall to see (and feel) it for yourself, or discover mosscape.sg.

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