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The best (looking) home tech for 2020

The best (looking) home tech for 2020

By Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

Unsightly wires and chunky appliances be gone. We’ve got a chronic case of cord-phobia and would much prefer our lives to be as wireless as possible. ‘Cos who wants to waltz into a whole new decade tied down by wires.

We’d also like to surround ourselves with aesthetically pleasing, super-chic home tech that gets the job done. Is that too much to ask? In 2020, we think not.

So if you’re half as picky as us when it comes to gadgetry you bring home to meet the family, you’ll plug right into this roundup of the best-looking home tech for 2020.

Stay tuned, we’ll be adding more to this.

Harman Kardon Citation Series

Get your future on with Google Assistant that listens to your every command. Sure you could opt for a Google Home device, but if you’re looking for something that goes that extra mile, how about some Harman Kardon. Leaders in home audio, Harman Kardon is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Two thumbs up for its Citation collection that’s a looker with great sound and comes with the Google Assistant. Pick from a single wireless minimalist speaker or an entire home entertainment system that looks chic and sounds crisp.

What’s to love:

  • Great design with wireless speakers;
  • Comes with Google Assistance;
  • Multi-room experience

Who’s it for:

Those of us who are serious about our sound.

Discover Harman Kardon’s Citation series. 

Dyson Lightcycle

From buying a super penthouse at Wallich Residences to moving the global HQ to St James Power Station, Singapore, Dyson’s been making the local news for a while. But can we pause on that and drool over the brand’s newest invention. Say hello to one unique lamp. The Dyson Lightcycle is so smart that it tracks local daylight and adjusts itself to suit the time of day, your age, the task at hand and more. Talk about optimising! It basically personalises task lighting to support your body clock. It’ll even wake you up naturally with ‘sunlight’.

What’s to love:

  • Cutting-edge technology and engineering;
  • Light quality that will last as long as 60 years! 
  • Personalised lighting to suit your eyes, age and task;
  • Several colourways including a gorgeous brass-hued one.

Who’s it for:

People who want nothing but the best for their bodies and eyes. We’ve lived with crappy lighting long enough.

Discover the Dyson Lightcycle.

Klipsch: The Three with Google Assistant

Okay so we’re adding another speaker into the mix. The Harman Kardon’s Scandi design appeals to the minimalist in us. But we’ve got a soft spot for all things mid-century modern and this Klipsch speaker is all that. Not only does it look like it something out of Mad Men, it also comes with Google Assistant.

“Okay Google, play Don Draper’s playlist on Spotify”

What’s to love:

  • Multi-room experience;
  • Simple set up with Google Home;
  • Still drooling over that mid-century modern aesthetic.

Who it’s for:

Those of us who like the occasional use an old-school dial. #RewindOClock

Discover Klipsch: The Three.

LG Styler

This isn’t a refrigerator. It’s something much cooler. Meet LG Styler – a slender wardrobe that … wait for it … steams clothes, rids them of allergens, gentle dries them and dehumidifies the room it’s in! Apart from refreshing outfits, it also presses pants perfectly and can be used as a mirror. Almost forget, it can be controlled with an app. *mic drop*

What’s to love:

  • It takes laundry to newer heights. And it even works on your kids’ grotty plushies;
  • It can be controlled via an app;
  • Protects your precious clothes, keeps them from shrinking and dries better than the tumble dryer.

Who it’s for:

Good people who spend far too much time on dry cleaning and living at the mercy of a tumble dryer.

Discover the LG Styler.

Kohler Konnect

We’ve been forever fans of Kohler. And if you’re wondering what this luxury bathroom brand is doing in a home tech article, you’re going to love this answer. Kohler went all out super-futuristic to create smart bath and kitchens. Not only can you preset light, sound, colour and water but you can now activate it using just your voice. The Kohler Konnect series is compatible with Google Assistant, Alex and Apple HomeKit. And it can be fitted everywhere – from the kitchen faucet and sink to the showering system and toilet seat. Like you can have convo with your mirror in the morning, check your to-do list and even draw up the perfect bath for you.

What’s to love:

  • Voice-controlled home hardware;
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit;
  • Big on style and tech. One app to personalise and preset.

Who’s it for:

Folks who can’t wait to live in the future.

Discover the Kohler Konnect series.


Stop everything.

Straight from the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 comes the new LG OLED TV. It’s not what you think (a bit flatter, a bit brighter, or less bright but somehow more rich, or with a new ergonomic remote). This is – well, almost unthinkable.

In a word, it’s rollable.


We have no idea how it works, but this gorgeous 65-inch OLED TV screen rolls out from what is ostensibly a rather svelte Dolby speaker slash credenza-looking thing. On command, no less – it’s plugged in to both Alexa and Google Assistant.

But for those of us who resent televisions for destroying both the look and (moreover) the whole orientation of a room, there is finally a solution that does not involve foregoing television.

Watch this now:

Now that you’re hyped, there is one downside: it’s not yet on sale. Updates to come…

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