Flexform 2 D1A
Flexform 2

Flexform’s ‘Supermax’ sofa is the evolution of elegance and comfort in seating design

Since its creation in 1983 by architect Antonio Citterio, the ‘Max’ sofa has become a staple of chic anterooms, boutiques and the more poised corporate lounges. The design icon marries the linear rigour of its tubular metal structure with the kidney-bean-shaped sprawl of the seat, set off by candy-cane striping for added panache.

Forty years later, Flexform has launched a contemporary iteration of the statement sofa – the ‘Supermax’. The new model preserves the structural form while introducing a lower base and a plush and voluminous seat – bringing heightened comfort and potential for lounging to the sculptural icon.

Where ‘Max’ was intended for debonair waiting spaces, ‘Supermax’ envisions a statement lounge piece fusing comfort and a certain éclat.

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