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The best (looking) home tech for 2021

Every now and then, something really, really good looking is also devastatingly smart.

Here is Boulevard’s line-up of the best-looking home tech that will quicken your heartbeat even as it brings music to your ears, cleanses the air you breathe – and blows your mind.

Naim Mu-so for Bentley speaker

We could happily accessorise our living room with the Naim Mu-so for Bentley speaker and never even plug it in. The breathtakingly sleek speaker blends old-world aesthetics with cutting-edge tech, through a 12-year-old partnership between the auto legend and the audiophiles at Naim.

This special edition Mu-so features lacquered Ayous, a sustainable African hardwood, along with metallic accents and a copper-threaded speaker grille. Should you decide to plug it in, the Mu-so is fabulously connectible, multi-room ready, and delivers an award-winning level of single-box sound quality.

Headphones by Focal complete the set, and the experience.


  • 450 Watts of music power
  • Google Assistant / Apple Siri
  • Pricing TBC

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V-Zug Refresh Butler clothing care

V-Zug RefreshButler

Long admired for their elegant kitchen appliances, V-Zug has stepped into the wardrobe to pair the brand’s dark and handsome aesthetic with a bit of clothes cleansing wizardry.

The Refresh Butler promises to de-odorise and de-wrinkle your clothes, dry them if required, while also destroying almost 100% of bacteria. And it’s all done without chemicals, intense heat or even touch, and therefore without the wearing effects of dry cleaning. The Refresh Butler holds five coat-hangers and a basket for smaller items, and can also dry up to 5kg of laundry without movement.


  • Patented photocatalysis system involving UVC light and steam
  • 1.96m high by 0.78m wide
  • Pricing TBC

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Buben & Zörweg Orion safe

Buben & Zorweg Orion watch safe

More wardrobe tech – although the Orion safe could just as happily reside in your study, or indeed your lounge, such is the loveliness of this next-gen strong box. Specialists Buben & Zörweg marry the suppleness of quilted Nappa leather with cold, hard German security tech to create an elegant piece that comes tailored to your needs with velour-lined jewellery trays and precision watch winders.

Choose among colours and even stitching, or go bespoke with a unique home security solution.


  • Options from 0.44m to 1.6m high
  • Freestanding or inbuilt
  • Pricing on application

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Vaonis Vespera smart telescope

Vaonis Vespera smart telescope

For anyone whose spirits soar when looking through a telescope, then sink when looking at one, there is finally, 400 years after Galileo, a telescope that looks the part: space age, chic, and wonderfully graceful.

The latest release from specialised manufacturers Vaonis, Vespera combines a telescope and camera with app functionality that takes the guesswork out of finding, identifying and sounding clever about planets, stars and galaxies. The smart telescope leverages GPS and a world of internal mechanics to train itself on your desired celestial object, and beams it back to your phone or tablet. It also has light-pollution-defying tech, so you don’t need to head to the nearest wilderness to get your astronomical fix.


  • 40cm long, 5kg
  • 2M pixels resolution
  • USD $1,649 incl P&H

The Vaonis Vespera launches in Spring 2022 – preorders are currently being accepted, or impatient types can opt for the larger Stellina telescope.

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Cipod bespoke home cinemas

You’re only ever in there when the lights are out, so does your home theatre really need a designer fit-out? Yes. Especially after seeing these bespoke cinemas by Cipod.

The specialist UK-based team brings serious tech cred together with handcrafted interior spaces and lush design to create wowfactor cinemas tailored to your home. The modular design allows not only for the bespoke cinemas to be installed in a matter of days, it also allows for relocation if you can’t bear to leave your Cipod behind as an inclusion.


  • Minimum 5m by 4m by 2.5m high space
  • 4K Ultra HD technology projector
  • Meridian 9.4.4 Dolby ATMOS
  • Pricing on application

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LG Rollable OLED TV

Straight from the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 comes the new LG Rollable OLED TV. And it’s not the usual “next generation” TV tech – a bit flatter, a bit brighter, or less bright but somehow more rich, or with a new ergonomic remote.

It’s rollable.

We have no idea how it works, but this gorgeous 65-inch OLED TV screen rolls out from what is ostensibly a rather svelte Dolby speaker slash credenza-looking thing. On command, no less – it’s plugged in to both Alexa and Google Assistant.

But for those of us who resent televisions for destroying both the look and (moreover) the whole orientation of a room, there is finally a solution that does not involve foregoing television.

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And lastly, Gush hi-tech paint

Gush paint boasts over 200 paint colours

Oh yes, paint.

Paint that strips the air of indoor pollution (including the dreaded haze). Paint that kills bacteria. Paint that kills mould! Paint that transforms you home into a rainforest (sort of) by ionizing the air.

Perhaps the most good-looking and cutting edge of all the home tech on this list, Gush paint offers a multitude of health benefits by leveraging the largest surface area in your home – along with some pretty out-there chemistry.

And health benefits aside, we’ll also have this palette…

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