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Space X B&B Italia

B&B Italia’s iconic sofa gets a sustainable upgrade

First presented in 1970, B&B Italia’s iconic ‘Camaleonda’ sofa by architect and designer Mario Bellini was “created to fill a void”. At the time, it launched a middle ground between traditional and avant-garde furniture that offered a design-forward yet thoroughly liveable piece that uniquely continues to adapt to its owners’ changing requirements. Through its system of cables, hooks and rings, the endless modularity also serves as a design signature.

In its latest iteration, the structure is faithfully preserved (and indeed the original cutting pattern was used for the new edition). But now sustainable innovations have been introduced as recyclable materials and FSC-certified beechwood ‘feet’. While it’s not always easy to get excited about padding, a significant level of R&D has led to advanced elasticity and ergonomics that marry “rigorous geometry with welcoming roundness”.

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