Rebellion Re-Volt 3 Hands and Predator 2.0 launch

Only a handful of watchmakers focus on the thrills of mechanical depth like Rebellion. Its translucent skeletonised cases and elegantly sportier character are indicative of a passion for motorsport. The spirit of the brand’s timepieces is synonymous with that of a sportscar: light, stylishly bold, high octane and visually stunning. Boulevard was honoured to get up close and personal with two of Rebellion’s most innovative timepieces, the Re-Volt 3 Hands and Predator 2.0.

The Re-Volt 3 Hands and Predator 2.0 embody the essential qualities of the Rebellion tradition. The former, with its horological hands and coloured carbon, is a realization of technological innovation. Meanwhile, the latter, boasting a luminescent “sunnycomb” pattern on the dial, unlocks the full potential of the original Predator APNEA design.

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