Sunreef 80 D1A
Sunreef 80

Sunreef showcases the craft of sustainable luxury yachting

In the discerning world of yachting, one brand is updating its luxury heritage with sustainable innovations. Sunreef Yachts Eco offers a unique sailing range of catamarans that deliver a holistic approach to ‘green yachting’.

Harnessing energy from the elements using the latest technology, Sunreef’s eco-friendly sail yachts are capable of a truly sustainable cruising experience. This extends to the precision-made recyclable sails that deliver superior performance across diverse weather conditions. Extensive propulsion is handled with advanced electric engines powered by lightweight battery banks, engineered to offer unrivalled energy efficiency for long, vibration- and fume-free navigation on the open waters.

Every Sunreef Yachts Eco model features external surfaces adorned with the company’s in-house solar panels. This ‘solar skin’ can be integrated with any composite structure of the yacht including the mast, boom and hull sides. The unique design maximises solar energy while also utilising hydro generation and wind turbines for unparalleled energy efficiency. Interiors come in a range of sustain- able materials, from reclaimed teak to linen and basalt-based furniture. Naturally sourced and recycled fibres are also used to craft exquisite and eco-responsible finishes.

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