Isabelle Miaja home tour
Isabelle Miaja home tour dining

Inside interior designer, art gallerist and collector Isabelle Miaja’s wonderfully unrestrained Bukit Timah house

by Hamish McDougall
Photography by Jin Cheng Wong for Boulevard

Les coups de coeur

“My style is eclectic. I’m an avid collector, and I’m always adding coups de coeur from my travels, as I encounter beautiful pieces. Designing a home is about creating and revisiting your own memories… I love setting eyes on these pieces and recollecting a person or a place. And then I can’t help but collect the artists I represent – such as Isabelle Van Zeijl.”

Harmony is the rule

“I designed the bar with narra wood and stainless steel, and the little red statue is by Tsai Wei Cheng. Whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, there are rules to follow to create the perfect ambience. Colours, materials and shapes should bounce off the eye without clashing. You can create a moment of surprise, but it must be followed by something calming.”

A shared journey

“I often reposition the house to shake the energies and look at things from another angle – pieces tend to take on a new life – which is why I like loose pieces and move them around to create a new atmosphere. But when I’m designing for clients it’s more about their style and temperament; it’s a shared journey and we’ll weave their wishes into materials and textures to create their unique home.

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