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Design build: One Shenton’s architectural lineage

Design build: One Shenton’s architectural lineage

By Hamish McDougall

In a city boasting some of the more eye-popping modern architecture going around, setting oneself – and one’s new luxury condo – apart can be a tall order. Carlos Ott’s shimmering gold One Shenton condo gets the job done, and then some.

At once flashy and sleek, One Shenton feels at home looming above Lau Pa Sat in the midst of the Singapore CBD. Needless to say, the famed Uruguayan architect Ott has had a little practice.

Let’s take a little tour of One Shenton’s architectural siblings…

Ott made his bones with L’Opéra de la Bastille in Paris, selected from among 744 entrants back in 1983 and already showcasing the signature use of sleek glass panelling and bold geometry. It’s a style Ott developed and pushed over his career, as seen in the National Grand Theatre in Hangzhou, above.

The geometric play continues in Ott’s stunning residential towers, including the Artower in Punta del Este, Uruguay, above, and the Forum Puerto del Buceo in Montevideo, below.

Nevertheless, it’s the bold, glass geometries which will likely define Ott’s legacy, in particular the wonderful Anfiteatro de la Torre de Antel in Uruguay, which represents the culmination of a series of large projects Ott completed in South America.

Another modern architectural masterpiece by Carlos Ott: the Anfiteatro de la Torre de Antel in Uruguay

Carlos Ott: the Boulevard brief

  • Born in 1946 in Montevideo
  • Offices in Toronto, Quebec, Shanghai, Dubai and Montevideo, and projects currently around the world
  • Recipient of the Legion d’Honneur
  • Credited with the original design of the Burj Al Arab

Where to now?

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