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RIP: Singapore architecture we’ll miss

RIP: Singapore architecture we’ll miss

By Hamish McDougall

On an island this small, and this expensive, architectural casualties are inevitable in the land grab for new developments.

We get it. You can’t hold on to everything. But man, some losses certainly hurt more than others.

Makeway View condo sells en bloc

The Makeway View condo moved onto death row with the announcement from Bukit Sembawang Estates of its successful en bloc acquisition – at the staggering price tag of $168m. Pricing for the 28 apartments and four penthouses ranges from $3.9m to $10.7m.

Singapore's soon to be missed Makeway View condo

Completed in 1989, the 10-storey freehold condo will, ironically, make way for a 21 to 22-storey residential development. You just can’t fight the economics of those extra storeys.

We can only hope the new launch condos will take inspiration from the Makeway’s epic balconies.

Where to now?

108 Thomson Rd lobby

Thomson Road$11,000,000

  • 7
  • 10+4
  • 4
  • 8,626 sqft
Nouvel 18 condo 4br unit dining

Nouvel 18$9,479,200

  • 4.5
  • 3.5
  • 2,476 sqft